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It's Double Credits Time!
Time to celebrate: Get 2x the rewards for every successful referral — for a limited time only!
Here’s how it works:
Invite friends to Eyebuydirect They get $10 for joining & YOU get $10 for every referral.
More perks for them Like 15% Off + Free Shipping for joining (we call it a welcome perk).
And more for you! Like $10 extra for your first referral + $50 extra with every five referrals!
Here’s how much you can get:
If you refer - 5 friend(s) + you get $110 in EBD Credits
If you refer 5 friend(s):
  • Friend #1 $20
  • Friend #2 $10
  • Friend #3 $10
  • Friend #4 $10
  • Friend #5 $60
Total EBD Credits earned: $110
Break it down for me
Want to learn more about the Referral Program?
GETS $10 EBD Credits
Share the love!
Refer friends and watch your EBD Credits balance go up and up.
It gets even better.
During Double Credits campaigns,
you’ll earn 2x the usual reward. That’s $20 per referral, baby!
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