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Kids' Glasses

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Why Choose EyeBuyDirect for Online Kids' Glasses

We know you want the best vision possible for your children, but at the rate kids grow, their glasses will likely need replacing every year. Thankfully, besides the hundreds of options for men and women, EyeBuyDirect also offers plenty of fun glasses for girls and glasses for boys. If the frame you choose doesn’t fit perfectly, you can take advantage of our 14-day Fit & Style Guarantee to return your purchase hassle-free.


• Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions. • Maximum 6 frames per order. • 30% off applies to all lenses. • Offer subject to adjustment due to modifications, returns, cancellations and exchanges. • Offer may not be used on Ray-Ban or Oakley frames (US only).

Kids love to dress up as their favorite superheroes and entertainment icons so incorporating a fun theme into the eyewear experience is a great idea to help them get on board. Start small by suggesting they wear their pair for a short time at first, then slowly increase how long they spend in them – soon wearing their specs will become second nature. Letting them pick their pair is also a wise move and with so many fun frames available, they’re sure to find their favorite frame! Depending on their age, it can also be motivating to see parents or other people they look up to, in cool glasses, so your odds of your kids wearing their glasses are higher if they see how cool YOU look in them on a daily basis!

Where can I Buy Kids’ Eyeglasses?

How about right here on this very site? Yep. There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to kids’ eyeglasses from different colors and materials, to a range of shapes and sizes. Our kids’ eyeglasses are for juniors, tweens, girls, and boys, and don’t fret if you’re second guessing your little one’s size — our 14-Day Fit & Style Guarantee means it’s easy to return your pair, hassle-free! Have a look around and see what suits them. Also, get a sweet welcome discount if it’s your first time buying from us by signing up for a free account at the top of your screen.

Do Kids’ Eyeglass Prescriptions Worsen or Improve with Age?

That depends. After all, everyone’s eyesight’s different. The reason your child has been given a prescription is to improve their vision and the fact that kids’ eyes are always developing means there’s a good chance it’ll get better with age. The best thing to do is follow your eye doctor’s orders and suggestions and ensure they wear the recommended eyewear when needed. For more information about your child’s eyesight, ask your eye doctor or find one near you.

How Should I Choose Kids’ Eyeglass Frames?

Most kids will be self-conscious when it comes to their first pair of eyewear and understandably so. That’s why it’s a good idea to involve them in the process of picking a pair that suits them. It could be a certain color they go for or maybe they’ll ask about a similar style to yours. The best way to go about it is to make sure they’re happy with the look and feel of their frames, as once that’s settled on, the lenses will take care of the rest!

How Can I Find the Right Size Eyeglasses for My Child?

Kids’ eyeglasses should be slightly wider than their face for a snug fit, leaving about a finger’s width between the temples and the side of their head. If the frame is too loose it could cause their glasses to fall off during play or keep slipping down their nose. The temples of their glasses should fit securely behind their ears but not so tight that they’ll cause discomfort. Their eyes should be centered in the lenses of their pair which you can achieve by finding out their pupillary distance (PD). Check our glasses frame measurements guide for more tips on how to find out your child’s size.