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Find Your KODAK Lens

Premium lenses for the most

vibrant visual experience.

KODAK IntroMax

Progressive Lens

For superior clarity at near, far, and

intermediate distances when compared

to our other available lens options.

Designed with

Modern Technology

i-Sync™ Technology and VisionFirst™

offer benefits like wider near-viewing,

improved distortion, superior comfort, and

sharper images at all distances.

All-Distance Clarity

Forget about switching glasses! KODAK lenses help you see

clearly up close, in the middle, and far away.

Smooth Vision

With KODAK Lenses, your eyes naturally move from one

distance to another without any abrupt jumps.

Modern Technology

Developed with multiple advanced proprietary technologies for

optimal viewing and visual comfort.

Great for Multitasking

Offers a clear field of vision to the periphery, and facilitates

natural head and eye movement for effortless wear.

KODAK Clean&CleAR Lens

For a superior visual experience, this

protective coating removes reflections,

grime, water, and dust from your sight.

Premium Lens Coating

Add this multilayered lens coating

to your clear single vision lenses or

KODAK IntroMax Progressive Lenses

for clarity in all conditions.

Easy to Clean

Engineered to repel dust, dirt, and water, lenses stay clearer

for longer, and are up to 10 times easier to clean.

Maximum Clarity

KODAK Lenses provide clarity and comfort at all distances,

with anti-static technology to help keep dust and dirt away.

Minimize Distracting Reflections

Reduces glare from artificial lighting and digital screens,

providing less tired eyes and more comfortable vision.

Scratch Resistant

Made with a protective layer that guards lenses from unsightly

scratches so they last longer and look better.

Find the perfect frame to pair with your new KODAK Lenses.

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