What is an anti-reflective coating?

All single vision EyeBuyDirect lenses come standard with an anti-reflective coating. High-index lenses naturally reflect more light, so this is an important addition if you’re interested in thinner lenses.

Anti-Reflective Coating Glasses Benefits:

Anti-Reflective Coating Glasses Benefits:

Allows more light to reach your eyes, improving visual acuity.

Reduces vision-obstructing glare — extra important for driving.

Makes your eyes more visible behind your lenses, so your facial expressions are easier to see.

On sunglasses, it prevents sunlight from reflecting into your eyes when the sun is behind you.

Lenses featuring an anti-reflective coating

Here are some popular lens options that come standard with an anti-reflective coating:

  • Standard single vision lenses

    Glasses with single vision correction lenses. They help with seeing either at a distance or near, depending on the wearer’s needs.

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  • Progressive / Premium Progressive

    Progressive lenses are a type of bifocal lens that features a gradual change between near and distance vision correction. The premium version offers a wider field of vision.

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  • Blue Light Filtering

    Blue light filtering lenses filter out blue light emitted by digital screens. This color of light can cause eye strain and potentially result in permanent damage to your vision.

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  • All Reading

    Glasses with lenses that help the wearer see things up close. Many people need reading lenses as they get older due to a common condition called presbyopia.

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  • Transitions®

    Glasses with Transitions® lenses automatically darken in sunny conditions and become clear when it’s darker. This allows them to work as both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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  • Gender
    Men (963)
    Women (1207)
    Kids (19)
  • Brands
    Ray-Ban (79)
    Oakley (33)
    ARNETTE (22)
    Vogue Eyewear (27)
    Rflkt (62)
    EyeBuyDirect (1227)
    5 to see (18)
  • Size
    Extra Large (64)
    Large (757)
    Medium (490)
    Small (136)
    Extra Small (21)
    Total Width
    110mm - 150mm
    Lens Width
    120mm - 150mm
    Lens Height
    120mm - 150mm
    Bridge Width
    120mm - 150mm
    Arm Width
    120mm - 150mm
  • Shape
    Rectangle (432)
    Square (296)
    Oval (57)
    Round (217)
    Browline (42)
    Horn (215)
    Aviator (110)
    Geometric (94)
    Heart (6)
  • Color
    Black (298)
    Tortoise (215)
    Clear (121)
    Gray (69)
    White (11)
    Pink (53)
    Red (69)
    Orange (17)
    Yellow (20)
    Green (50)
    Blue (109)
    Purple (39)
    Brown (106)
    Gold (93)
    Silver (128)
    Bronze (16)
    Rose Gold (47)
    Floral (58)
    Striped (20)
    Ivory Tortoise (22)
  • Material
    Acetate (622)
    Plastic (255)
    Metal (520)
    Titanium (66)
    Aluminium Alloy (5)
    Carbon Fiber (6)
    Mixed Wood (12)
    Mixed (131)
  • Rim
    Full-Rim (1340)
    Semi-Rimless (92)
    Rimless (36)
  • Feature
    Progressive (1418)
    Bifocal (1429)

    Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter without the lenses.

    Adjustable Nose Pads (588)
    Spring Hinge (485)
    For Wide Face (62)
    For Small Face (34)
    Low Nose Bridge Fit (166)
    Match My Prescription
    Match My Prescription
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Is anti-reflective coating worth it?

An anti-reflective (also known as anti-glare) coating is definitely worth it! It makes your vision clearer and makes your glasses look better. Without this coating, most lenses, especially those of the high-index variety, obscure your eyes, making it that much more difficult to express yourself.

What does anti-reflective coating do?

An anti-reflective coating stops your lenses from reflecting light away from your eyes, allowing more light to pass through the lenses. Your eyes work by absorbing light and sending the resulting image to your brain, so the more light reaching your eyes, the better your vision will be.

How long does anti-reflective coating last?

An anti-reflective coating should last at least 2 years. If you take care of your glasses it could last longer, or if you expose them to extreme conditions it could wear off sooner. Our affordable eyewear makes it easier to replace your glasses, and if your prescription changes you will be replacing your lenses anyway, so this isn’t usually an issue.

How can you tell if your glasses have anti-reflective coating?

This is an easy one. If you take off your glasses, look into the lenses, and see yourself staring back, they don’t feature an anti-reflective coating. Your lenses will be almost invisible with this coating if they are clean, dust-free and the anti-reflective coating is still in good shape.

Do anti-glare glasses scratch easily?

Because an anti-reflective (also known as anti-glare) coating is generally softer than the lens itself, it can be prone to scratching without proper care. Always wet lenses that have this coating before wiping them, and only use a specialized cleaning solution. A microfiber cloth is recommended to clean your lenses in the gentlest way possible.

Can you add anti-glare coating to glasses after purchase?

Adding an anti-reflective coating after purchase is not common. The process involves specialized machinery that is usually only found where your glasses were manufactured. Since adding this coating is part of the production process, it’s very difficult to have it added to lenses you already own, and the tiniest scratch or graze can compromise the process. It’s much easier to choose eyeglasses and sunglasses with this coating already added.

Can anti-glare come off glasses?

An anti-glare or anti-reflective layer can eventually come off of glasses lenses, especially if they are exposed to a lot of scratches or strong chemicals. Keep your lenses safe and only use specialized lens cleaner to keep the layer intact for as long as possible.

How much do anti-reflective coating glasses cost?

We add an anti-reflective coating to most of our lenses, for no extra cost. From other retailers, an anti-reflective coating can add as much as $90 to your order.

Does anti-glare filter blue light?

An anti-reflective coating is not designed to filter blue light from digital devices. For this, take a look at our blue light filtering glasses. Both EBDBlue and Sightrelax blue light filtering lenses also come with an anti-reflective coating, so you don’t need to choose between these coatings.

Do anti-glare glasses help night driving?

An anti-glare or anti-reflective lens coating is great for driving at any time of the day, but they are especially useful at night. As well as generally improving your vision by allowing more light to reach your eyes, this coating can stop reflections from headlights coming up behind you and reflecting off the inside of your lens, temporarily blinding you.