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Black Frame Eyeglasses for Men and Women

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What other frame colors could work for you?

Black is a great choice for eyeglass frames, but if you are looking for a slightly bolder style, try something like a tortoiseshell or ultra-modern clear finish. You could also turn heads with a pair of brightly colored eyeglasses. It’s up to you!


How to clean black glasses frames

Cleaning a black glasses frame is quick and easy. First, make sure your hands are clean, then rinse your frames gently with warm tap water. Next, apply a small drop of dishwashing liquid to your frames and gently rub the whole frame. Thoroughly rinse your glasses again, leave to dry, and voilà! — clean as a whistle!

Should I get black frame glasses?

You should get black frame glasses if you want an adaptable frame that’s easy to pair with any outfit. Black frame glasses are bold without being over the top, and noticeable enough that the shape of the frame you choose will easily stand out.

Who can wear black eyeglass frames?

Because black is a neutral color, almost anyone can rock black eyeglass frames. People with warmer skin tones or darker hair look especially great with black glasses frames!

Are black glasses in style?

It’s safe to say the black glasses will always be in style. Black frames work perfectly with any outfit, regardless of color or style. Plus, the solid coloring will make whatever shape you chose for your frame stand out.

What color hair goes with black glasses frames?

Black, being a neutral color, can work with almost any hair color. People with darker hair look especially great in black frames. Lighter hair colors, like gray or white, contrast nicely with black frames for a sophisticated look.