Eyeglasses that darken in sunlight are called transition glasses. These specially made glasses offer you all the vision correction qualities you want in a standard pair of glasses, but with a special twist: they automatically darken in the sunlight to give you high quality UV protection! Sound like magic? Not quite. What makes these convenient glasses so unique is their special lens coating. The coating reacts to the amount of sunlight in your surroundings, and then switches the tint on your glasses all without you lifting a finger.

Self Tinting Glasses: Cost

Depending on your prescription, transition lenses can cost as low as $100! Since EyeBuyDirect’s sunglasses frames are so affordable, that price is well below the average cost of self tinting glasses anywhere else. If you have a special prescription that allows you to get progressive transition glasses, we have just the thing for you: a sleek package that includes both progressive and transition lenses into one single frame. Come check out our sleek selection of progressive packages here.

How long will transition lenses last?

If you treat your pair of transition glasses well, their self tinting quality will last as long as a traditional pair of vision correcting glasses will. That means 3 years or more of effective self tinting convenience! After that time period, you might notice that it may take a longer time for your lenses to fully transition from dark to light when you walk outside. If you notice a yellowish tint beginning to form, you may want to consider moving on to your next pair.

Switching between your glasses and sunglasses can prove to be pretty annoying if you have to do it many times during a single day. That’s why glasses with transition lenses are the perfect companion for any person that’s constantly on the move. At EyeBuyDirect, you can get your very own pair at an amazing price — in thousands of different styles, too! Any frame you find on our eyeglasses catalog can be customized with them, so start your eyewear journey now. It’s time to find the perfect pair.