Rimless Sunglasses

See ya, rims! Say hi to the sunglasses of the season. Light, versatile, and majorly trending. Rimless styles are the coolest shades to wear on the hottest days. Sleek design, cutting-edge shapes, and the hidden comfort of lightweight construction make these sunglasses extra unique. Bring on the effortless summer vibes.

Toyah $64

Minimal Silhouette. Maximum style

Less is more. Streamlined design means you can wear these sunnies with just about anything.

Daze $64
Chorus $59
Prescription Lenses

Prescription Lenses

Show your shades some love and protect your eyes with prescription lenses, including several options for maximum sun protection. Color tint, mirrored, polarized, or gradient—add a touch of personalization to your shades so you can enjoy those sunny days in style.

Linger sunglasses
Linger $59
Coast $59

Light State of Mind

All the looks, plus that feather-weight comfort you crave.

Martin $64
Polarized Lenses

Polarized Lenses

Say so long to eyestrain, annoying glares, and distracting reflections. Polarized lenses feature a special coating that blocks glare-producing horizontal light waves while providing UV protection, so you can have crisp and clear vision even on the brightest days.

Coming In Cool

Rimless sunnies are a surefire way to save the hot summer day.

Genoa $64