• Genre
    Homme (28)
    Femme (26)
    Enfant (0)
  • Marques
    Ray-Ban (1)
    Oakley (0)
    ARNETTE (1)
    Vogue Eyewear (0)
    RFLKT (4)
    EyeBuyDirect (28)
    5 to see (0)
  • Taille
    Très Grand (0)
    Grand (22)
    Moyen (6)
    Petites (5)
    Très Petit (1)
    Largeur totale
    110mm - 150mm
    Largeur des verres 
    120mm - 150mm
    Hauteur des verres
    120mm - 150mm
    Largeur du pont nasal
    120mm - 150mm
    Longueur des branches
    120mm - 150mm
  • Forme
    Rectangulaire (13)
    Visage carré (11)
    Ovale (1)
    Visage rond (4)
    Browline (1)
    Papillon (1)
    Aviateur (3)
    Géométrique (0)
    Cœur (0)
  • Matière
    Acétate (27)
    Plastique (2)
    Métal (6)
    Titane (0)
    Alliage d’Aluminium (0)
    Fibre de Carbone (0)
    Bois mixte (0)
    Mixte (4)
  • Monture
    Lunettes de vue cerclées (34)
    Lunettes de vue demi-cerclées (0)
    Lunettes de vue percées (0)
  • Caractéristiques
    Progressifs (34)
    Bifocaux (34)

    Les montures légères ont un poids égal ou inférieur à 15 grammes.

    Plaquettes de nez ajustables (5)
    Charnière flexible (15)
    Pour visages longs (0)
    Pour petits visages (1)
    Adapté au pont de nez bas (4)
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    Faire correspondre mon ordonnance
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  • Quiz: Trouvez Votre Style

    Quiz: Trouvez Votre Style

    Self-expression starts here. Take our eyewear quiz to find your next look!

The Charm of Striped Eyeglasses

With their smart use of color, striped eyeglasses draw attention to the most important part of your face: the eyes. While single-color frames might be more obvious with their flair, striped eyeglasses offer a charm that’s a little bit more nuanced and subtle.

When you’re searching for the perfect pair of glasses, it can sometimes be a little difficult to settle on just one hue. With striped eyeglasses, you can have the best of two worlds, three worlds, and maybe even more!

Looking for a calm, but distinct edge? These frames come in the most sophisticated colors, such as: Amber brown stripes, macchiato mixes, and more. Want a more upbeat, cute aesthetic? Here you can also find frames with baby blue, pink, and white stripe combinations. The sky’s the limit!

Striped Eyeglasses for Men

Striped eyeglasses for men draw from a variety of classy inspirations. Today, they’re often found in traditional semi-rimless forms or very masculine wayfarer shapes. Here are some different ways you can make this specific frame style work for you:

  • • Be careful of using too many patterns in the rest of your outfit. Wearing a plaid or striped shirt can make your striped eyeglasses seem overwhelming and hard to look at. Stay with solid color clothes.
  • • Match a pair with a clean looking suit, and you’ve got a charismatic look for both the workplace and formal dinner settings.

Striped Eyeglasses for Women

The designs of striped eyeglasses for women are beyond creative. Color combinations such as mellow brown and amber, white and gray, and blue and black allow you to express (and experiment!) with every hue imaginable. It’s time to embrace metropolitan style like never before.

Not sure how you can start? Here are just a few ways you can make your perfect pair of striped eyeglasses shine:

  • • Clothing with muted colors (such as beige, grey, etc.) really accentuate the vibrant patterns in striped eyeglasses
  • • Striped eyeglasses are an extremely seasonal accessory. Warm examples (such as frames with brown stripes or amber stripes) are a Fall season hit. Cooler tones (such as frames with grey stripes or blue stripes) are perfect for creating a chill Summer vibe.