A Celebration of Innovation

Our collection of forward-thinking eyewear is inspired by the extraordinary dreamers and doers who’ve changed the way we see the world, from aviation icons to photography pros.

Wright $83


Coil $69

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Gear $73

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Dream, See, Do.

When it comes to eyewear the possibilities are endless, so it only made sense to do something we’ve never done before — inspired by the world's greatest visionaries.

Gilded $87

Ivory Tortoise Silver

Visio $97


Wiz $64

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Rotor Rotor

Looking forward

Inspired by the past with an eye on the future. Bring a new kind of look to your everyday eyewear with a pair that shows off your visionary style.

Rotor $73

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Futurist $73

Shiny Gold

Electro $73

Matte Silver

Embrace the eccentric

The detailed accents, like perforated metal and slatted lines, are a nod to the gears and gadgets of industrial engineering and turn-of-century machinery.

Solis $87

Black Gold

Ines $64

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Volta $83

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Inventus Inventus

A new point of view

Striking shapes, daring details, inventive accents — help shape the world anew with your one-of-a-kind style and innovative eyewear.

Inventus $78

Brown Gold

Obscura $69


Fleming $73

Matte Black Gold

Scale $83

Gold Tortoise

Spoke $97

Matte Gold